Radar Speed Trailer

Precinct 59 is dedicated to making our communities safer and recognizes the safety threat of speeding. Radar Speed TrailerThanks to a funding partnership with local businesses the Mobile County Constable Office, Precinct 59 is proud to offer our new speed trailer to deter speeding. Known as a traffic calming device, the it can be used to bring attention to a drivers speed when they may not even realize they are being excessive.

The radar speed trailer was acquired and is maintained at no cost to our taxpayers, instead sponsored each month by a local business who cares about the safety of our community.

By completing the form below you can request a speed trailer to be setup in your area, anywhere within Mobile County. It is available for neighborhoods, schools, construction sites, businesses, parks, events, etc. Please note that not all areas may be suitable for speed trailer placement. The area will be assessed with consideration to the safety and security of the trailer, visibility issues, traffic risks and effectiveness. Once determined to be acceptable the speed trailer will be placed as soon as it is available.

If you are interested in being a sponsor for the speed trailer please contact our office.